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Meet 19 year old Nasha Travis about to give Tanasha Donna a run for her money (Video)

October 28, 2021 at 14:22
Meet 19 year old Nasha Travis about to give Tanasha Donna a run for her money (Video)

Fast rising sensation Nasha Travis, is a 19 year old female songstress from Mtwapa, Mombasa. Having been born with one of the best voices, Ms Nasha started singing in school and in church just like most female celebrities but what makes her different is the fact the her talent is inborn.

Immediately after highschool she started focusing on music as a full time musician and a Business management student in Mombasa.

Nasha Travis

So far she has released a few projects shared on her social media platforms but her latest project dubbed Akitokea is what seems to have caught many people’s attention.

Like I said, she has an angelic voice that captivates a person as soon as she starts hitting the musical tones; and Akitokea gave her a great opportunity to prove herself in the music scene and yes she’s ready to go head to head with the lies of Tanasha Donna and Nadia Mukami.

The stunning Nasha

Music journey

Well since she just began her musical journey about a year ago, Ms Nasha Travis says the likes of Nadia Mukami and jovial are the reason she continues to put more effort her music career.

However having looked at some of her projects, I can comfortably say that this young girl is way past some of her mentors; and her voice is just what we need to hear on our radio stations. Check out her latest project below.


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