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Meet 24 Year Old Karen Touching Orphans’ Lives In Children’s Homes

May 10, 2022 at 16:37
Meet 24 Year Old Karen Touching Orphans' Lives In Children's Homes

Growing up in the slams, Karen Mikiugu has been an inspiration to many orphans struggling to make ends meet. At the tender age of 24, she has not only helped numerous orphans, but also given them hope in life. She has paid a visit to numerous children far & wide within the country and shared whatever she has in store.

Karen has experienced life in the ghetto during her early childhood, and that’s why she doesn’t want the same life to hit children who are on the streets, One of her most popular stops include Compassionate children’s home githurai 44, Toto rehabilitation center kasarani, among others.

Through her registered program foundation laughter of hope CBO initiative dealing with the needy kids , she is now receiving numerous calls from parents seeking assistance.

How Karen Gets Financial Support

It’s not easy to support each and every Children’s home you come across, and that’s why Karen has been seeking financial support from well-wishers, who have really come in handy to support her in the endeavour. She also grew up in a slum and was raised with a single parent. But with the help of well wishers, she was able to graduate at tertiary level.

She’s currently focusing on how to help kids by sponsorship, visiting as much orphanages as she can.


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