Meet former socialite Vanessa Chettle’s baby daddy (Photos)

Vanessa Chettle has been making headlines for the past few days following a shocking photo showing the lass partaking Keg. Yes, she finally hit rock bottom and instead of picking up herself; Vanessa Chettle got comfortable.

Judging from her photos on social media, it’s clear that the once high flying socialite has gotten used to living the don’t care life. What pains most of her followers is that she could have made something out of herself with all the money she made; and the fame she got back when she was in Nairobi.

However after baby number 1 arrived, Vanessa Chettle seems to have let herself go and without realizing she added another baby. With no job, stable relationship or family support; word has it that she dumped her kids at her late mum’s place so that they are taken care of.

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Vanessa Chettle with bae and friend

Baby daddy responsible for breaking Vanessa Chettle

Although most of the photos shared on her page prove that life was simple; but she still smiled and put a brave face all through.

Probably having her man around helps boost her confidence and acceptance with the new lifestyle; but truth is after they part ways, then Vanessa Chettle’s life will ended up losing it’s meaning. This is because the lady has proven to be in love with Maina to a point that her timeline is filled with nothing but his photos.

Anyway as for those who haven’t met Maina yet, checkout some of his photos below courtesy of Vanessa Chettle.

Vanessa with her firstborn and boyfriend, Maina
Maina with second born daughter
Chettle’s baby daddy
Vanessa Chettle’s bae

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