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Meet handsome man warming Cartoon comedian’s bed

June 24, 2022 at 18:21
Meet handsome man warming Cartoon comedian’s bed

Cartoon Comedian is taken. Yes taken by a man identified as Jajo Hues a man believed to be warming her bed especially now that the cold season isn’t giving us a break.

The lass shared details of her boyfriend on social media after unveiling a couple goals photo where she is seen with him. On this specific post, Cartoon Comedian captioned the photo;

They laugh at me coz I’m different I laugh at them Coz they are all the same.

With her sharing his IG handle online – we couldn’t help ourselves but stalk him – just to see what he posts and to our surprise, his page is full of nothing but his photos with Cartoon comedian.

Cartoon comedian’s boyfriend smitten

Well, all I know is that in this case – it’s Mr Jajo who is into deep in the relationship and this is because of the many photos he keeps sharing is Cartoon.

But if the relationship is doing good by him then why not? Anyway below are photos of the couple below.


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