Meet Prince Sheriff, The Viral Police Officer Giving Kenyan Ladies Sleepless Nights

The maandamano protests have been a blessing in disguise for viral TikToker monikered Prince Sheriff. Most women have followed the fella on TikTok due to his looks. And there’s no doubt that the guy totally loves his work.

As a police officer, not many people expect you to have good looks as it tends to be associated with ‘softies’.

But Prince Sheriff is proving otherwise. He has been driving Kenyan ladies crazy on TikTok since his videos went viral during maandamano protests.

As at now, Sheriff already has 240K followers on TikTok, and over 5 million views.

A cross-check on his Tik-Tok shows that the youngin already has a wife, and probably kids- Bad news to ladies salivating for him.

Anyway, you can check out his Tik-Tok profile here

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