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Meet Socialite Vera Sidika’s hot and stylish mum

December 14, 2017 at 13:05
Meet Socialite Vera Sidika's hot and stylish mum

Queen Vee is not only known in Africa but she seems to have gone international. The lady is now rumored to have expanded her business to the US where she is currently enjoying her vacation.

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Despite being famous, Vera Sidika has managed to keep her family on the low. So far not many know who her parents are and where they live.

However, just recently I happened to bump into a few photos of her mum. Looking at them, one can’t overlook the fact that she appears  a bit young to have a 27 year old daughter.

Anyway away from that, Vera’s mum no woman lives an improved lifestyle and unlike before she now wears designer clothes and shoes as seen in the new photos.


New lifestyle

Judging from her airport photos, Vera Sidika’s mum has definitely been touring the world. This is however not a surprise since her daughter is known deal with well paying clients that have improved her lifestyle over the years.


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