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Meet Vera Sidika’s brother who has also bleached himself silly (Photos)

July 14, 2017 at 12:45
Meet Vera Sidika's brother who has also bleached himself silly (Photos)

Vera Sidika could have influenced her brother ‘kutoa tint’, her sibling has also graduated from team dark skin to yellow skin.

Some two year ago, Vera Sidika decided to spend a whopping Kes 50 million to bleach her entire body. The socialite caused a stir when she was first seen in public after her bleach job, her skin tone mirrored that of Michael Jackson.

Well, not much is known about Vera’s family because she rarely share anything about them. But now Ghafla! knows the bootyful socialite has a brother who is looking upto her, he even emulates what she is doing with her body.

Vera’s brother David Mungasia has followed in his sister’s footstep. The lad has bleached his skin and also has tattoos all over his body just like his sister.

It’s however not clear whether David and Vera bleached their skin at the same time. But if your guess is good as mine…

See photos of Vera’s brother below:


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