Meet young man upgrading your favorite celebrities homes with his unique & stylish taste

They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step – and although it’s sounds easy it’s not. For the longest times we’ve had Kenyan youths complain about joblessness with most looking for connections to work at an office job.

However Dollar Furniture had it was different. After completing his studies, the now self made CEO opted not to wait for connections from uncles living in Nairobi or family friends. What he did is he looked at the market and identified a field that most women did not concentrate on that much; and if they did – most wanted to be employed and this is how he ventured into furniture.

Young entrepreneur: Dollar Furniture

According to reports, Dollar Furniture started small with two Fundi’s plus himself and they started making good furniture for their local clients. Of course the journey wasn’t easy, he says there are times this industry is faced with shortage of timber – especially with the government so strict on the conservation of the environment; but through thick and thin he’s managed to pull through.

Don’t wait for opportunities – create them; Dollar Furniture

Anyway having started small, Dollar Furniture  today is happy to have kept pushing his passion not only a businessman but as a carpenter.

Speaking about his journey, the now CEO of furniture says he’s been able to work with top celebrities and although he prefers keeping his clients “private” he promises that he has worked with almost all.

“Time for the youth to step up” entrepreneur encourages the youth

Some promise to market after working with him and some actually deliver – but I guess this is no problem for him. Having come this far, he also encourages the youth not to wait for handouts but push themselves to be the very best. To him insults and ridicules don’t count…I mean his agemates both male and female made fun of him for being a carpenter….but was Jesus not a carpenter?



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