Men Cheating Is Not A Big Deal- Nasra Yusuf Speaks

Comedian Nasra Yusuf has opened up on losing her relationship with Rashid. The jester has narrated how being dumped has drained her mentally and physically; adding that she lost other relationships with friends and family just trying to hold on to her relationship with Rashid.

”So yes i am single…Anyone that knows me, knows that i fought for that relationship. I lost touch with family because of it,i lost myself and my career because of it,i lost friends because of it,i got constant criticism from my community because of it but i was still willing to make it work even though the roots of our problems were the same year in year out for 5 years.”
Moving on hasn’t been easy on me…”

Embracing Cheating


While most relationships get dissolved because of cheating, Nasra Yusuf hasn’t complained over the same. As a matter of fact, Nasra claims men cheating isn’t a big deal. She shared in a recent interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, saying that she doesn’t mind if her man cheats.

In fact, most men would cheat with a sobber mind, but at the end of the day, they go back to that one chick they love dearly. Unlike women, men can sleep around without strings attached. And we’ve seen numerous men taken back by their wives even after cheating.

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