Mercy Kyallo explains relationship with her big sister, says dealing with Betty Kyallo is ‘a job’


The Kyallo sisters recently launched their first reality TV show, kyallo kulture – which will basically revolve around their lives as sisters, there relationship among other things.

For this reason the three sisters held a candid interview with Amina Abdi on the trend – revealing new information about themselves i.e their fights as sisters, disagreement, silent treatment and of course drama from Betty Kyallo.

Mercy Kyallo

With that said, Mercy Kyallo who is the second born is already spilling tea about her big sister – who she feels can be dramatic in so many ways. Giving an example of how hard it is to deal with Betty, Mercy opened about an incident that occurred on 31st December 2021.

Betty Kyallo and attention

Apparently Nick Ndeda abandoned Betty Kyallo at a club on New Year’s Eve and for some reason Mercy ended up taking the blame.

I wasn’t even supposed to go. Me and my guy just felt that now that he (Mercy’s boyfriend) is from Nakuru, then why don’t we go and go visit his hood and stuff

According to Mercy Kyallo her sister Betty and Nick Ndeda had a disagreement that saw Ndeda walk out leaving Betty with her other girlfriends – who apparently also dodged the former news anchor. Not knowing what had occurred at BK’s table – Mercy went on to enjoy her night with bae; simply because she knew BK had company.

Betty Kyallo with ex boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

However later on, she learnt about the fight between BK and Nick….which somehow became her fault, simply because she wasn’t around at the time.

To be honest, sometimes I do wear the big-sister pants a lot of the times and this was such one of those times that she expected me to be the big sister yet she doesn’t see the responsibility she’s giving me. I was like the scapegoat of a relationship that is going down just because I failed to show up in a way that she expected me to show up. You know, that is a bit tasking

Mercy takes a break from Betty

With such unnecessary blame game drama, Mervy says she had to take a break from her sister – since dealing with her is exhausting. Actually she described it as ‘Betty is a job’ a short sentence – but, for sure weighs a lot when you think about it.

I don’t know if you people go on sibling breaks, but I’m going on a break, I feel like Betty is a job.


But I guess she has also learnt her lesson, if you can’t depend on the person, why have them in the first place?

Well we all have that one sibling that feels the world revolves around them and in the Kyallo’s family….seems that Betty is the princess of the family.


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