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Michelle Ntalami: Getting heartbroken is nothing new

November 09, 2021 at 16:49
Michelle Ntalami: Getting heartbroken is nothing new

Michelle Ntalami is 37 years old (according to a dating site profile she set up) is online crying and whining about the end of her relationship with Makena Njeri, a notorious butch lothario.

Michelle Ntalami finally reveals why she parted ways with girlfriend, Makena Njeri

It is actually laughable to think that a woman so close to her 40s is acting like a lovesick prepubescent and making her personal affairs public to the rest of us -never mind that when she was in love and things were going smoothly, she demanded privacy.

Tight girlfriends, Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

To most people, this love story is salacious because it is allegedly a lesbian love triangle. All things LGBTQ have a way of captivating Kenyans because we as a people pretend to be conservative. Also, from the chatter I have glimpsed online, there is a perverse sense of schadenfreude because a lot of men seem to feel cathartic that a lesbian has experienced infidelity -something she had claimed is prevalent in men.

Here’s why Anita Nderu and Michelle Ntalami are fanning LGBTQ rumours

Michelle Ntalami however, needs to maintain sharap about her love life. I for one do not understand why her personal life is being served up like a cheap telenovela by her. She has a private love life and it should stay that way.

Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri

Also, there is the added fact that she has opened up Makena Njeri to cyberbullying. That is something despicable to do to someone you once loved. And this is a sign of a dark soul. Why? Because she knows the statements she shared online not only bring unwanted attention to her exes life but also allow her to be targeted by disgruntled exes, bloggers and haters.

Michelle Ntalami sets record straight days after fueling lesbianism rumors with Makena Njeri

Michelle Ntalami does not realize that she has also opened her future relationships up to being dissected and placed under the microscope by the adoring public. This is a double-edged sword but given the fact she is an “influencer”, I doubt she is too bothered by this -for now. To her, the attention she is currently enjoying doubtless is exciting to her because she is getting insane interactions on social media. When will they learn?!

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