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Michelle Ntalami Is Still Hurting And Not Ready To Move On

December 01, 2022 at 10:57
Michelle Ntalami Is Still Hurting And Not Ready To Move On

Michelle Ntalami has recently been sharing her memories on social media, accompanied by detailed posts on how she was previously struggling to move on.

Her break-up with Makena Njeri was nasty; and it seems like that’s what she has been trying to move on from.

Opening up about the same, Michelle took to her social media

”Let’s talk about Healing here and on my Stories for a bit. It’s wild, it’s painful, it’s messy, it’s lonely and it’s scary.

But if done right, it can also be enlightening, uplifting, the glimpse to a new you that you’ve never known, and the pathway to a more beautiful life, love and future for yourself. 🌞

Throughout November, I tried to share with you guys more content about loss, breakups, heartbreak and healing. But I realized I couldn’t. Simply because I wasn’t that Michelle anymore.

Constantly ‘revisiting’ her made me feel like I didn’t belong there anymore. Her and I are cool. But we eventually drifted apart. And I thought that was so beautiful. 🌹,” She wrote in part.

Michelle Ntalami goes public on their breakup with Makena

Love In Denial

When one decides to move on, they never go back to talking to their exes; or rather they eschew reminiscing about their dating period. But Michelle is doing exactly this. She’s claiming to have moved on, and she’s justifying her sentiments too much. It shows how she’s still hurting and a lover in denial.


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