Michelle Ntalami Reveals Plans Of Getting Married, Having Kids (Screenshot)

LGBTQ member Michelle Ntalami has wooed fans after her revelation that she’s ready to be a mum & even get married soon. At 38 years old, the Marini Naturals CEO doesn’t think she’s already tardy to do the latter.

Wife Material

She shared the same on her Instagram stories;

‘I definitely do. I’m a family wifey/marriage kind of woman. I haven’t been the luckiest in love, but I know my time is coming. Rather, I choose to believe so. Kids, yes, definitely! I’d love a mini me and I think he/she/they would be just so adorable.”

After breaking up with her ex Makena Njeri months ago, Michelle is now turning over a new leaf. Even though she introduced who seemed to her new lover a few weeks ago, turns out she’s not the one she’s currently dating;

”Weh! Si my DMs are blowing up with the ‘I’m so happy for you’ messages. No guys I’m not dating Mario. I was simply chauffeured and felt special in that moment coz of a lot of other things. ”You guys are too quick, this is how you jump into conclusions.”

Ntalami Moves On

Anyway, Ntalami has revealed via her Instagram stories that she’s already moved on. But she did not disclose if she has found a new love.

”Everyone wondering whether we still talk. No, we don’t. About moving on-Yes I have.”


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