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Michelle Ntalami Spills The Beans On Nasty Break-Up With Makena Njeri (Screenshots)

July 07, 2022 at 15:09
Michelle Ntalami Spills The Beans On Nasty Break-Up With Makena Njeri (Screenshots)

Michelle Ntalami has once again spilled more beans on her nasty break up with ex girlfriend Makena Njeri. The two were in a tumultuous relationship that barely lasted a year, and Michelle maintains the entrepreneur was a serial cheater who didn’t want to change her ways.

From Makena’s side, the latter allegations were false and obnoxious. And she rebuked Michelle over making such paramount allegations.

”Despite them outpouring their love for me on social media, on most occasions behind the scenes they were up to no good almost on the daily…”

She continued to explain that she tried to talk her out of her cheating ways but Makena was hard headed;

”I talked to them severally to stop doing this, as it always put me in an awkward position making it seem like I’m nonchalant. This is why a number of you keep saying ” and the way they used to write for Michelle poetry but she doesn’t respond with the same energy.
Anyone who’s gone through this with their partner can relate. I call it ” private turmpil, public bliss. ” It’s the worst. I’m not the best at pretending and am not down witg that.”

Ntalami cited that Makena is still guilty over cheating;

”Sometimes one is not calm & silent because they are ‘mature’. It’s because they are guilty”

Check out another screenshot from Ntalami’s Instagram stories;



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