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Michelle Ntalami telling us Makena Njeri was never faithful is not new to us

January 19, 2023 at 18:00
Michelle Ntalami telling us Makena Njeri was never faithful is not new to us

Michelle Ntalami is having a field day with entertainment journalists who cabt keep their noses off her business….and to be honest how would we not? I mean have you seen Michelle Ntalami? And wouldn’t you want to know who is the lucky man or woman wifing her now that she js nolonger single?

Anyway to whoever landed Ntalami, youre a lucky person.

With that said, i have come across a post of the said lady talking about blogs and media houses accusing her of denying her relationship with Makena Njeri. For starters, its true – most blogs feel she cant be trusted when it comes to those she is dating….and having admitted that she actually lied about her relationship with Makena Njeri when she wrote;

I’d like to set the record straight once and for all, on a false narrative stemming from my past that I ‘deny’ my partners. Let me begin with accountability on my part. I’ve learnt from past mistakes with regards to this. I was once in a relationship where due to it’s nature and a lot of mistrust within it, I didn’t feel confident to publicly confirm it.

So in short, she never really denied Makena Njeri since it was clear she wasnt the only one, but then again…this must have hurt her especially since was the first time she came out.

Ntalami’s confession on ex girlfriend

Reading in between the lines, what i actually got is that Ntalami might have wanted a serious relationship but problem is, she wanted it with someone who was looking for an open relationship.

I say this after reading a part where Michelle Ntalami wrote;

I also felt pressured to have to say what we were to the media. We mutually agreed that if they ask, we’ll ‘deny.’ Something we both did in interviews, not just myself.

And now that she understands this was more of short selling herself to someone who maybe did not deserve her, Ntalami went on to add;

Looking back, this is something I’d have done different. Other issues aside at the time, I take accountability for my part in this. Since then, I resolved to do things differently.

And with that said…..maybe just maybe, Ntalami might be telling the truth about Fena Gitu.


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