“Mike Okinyi is disciplined with his salary and you’re not” Swaleh Mdoe dumbstruck by savage response from tweep

Swaleh Mdoe has lost the respect he commanded before he revealed he was broke. The veteran journalist was tongue-tied by the response he got from his tweet.

Swaleh recently announced that he was selling his kidney to offsets some debts. The debt laden anchor is willing to part ways with his kidney for Kes 2.5 million to enable him service loans under whose weight he is struggling.

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Savage response

Swaleh on Tuesday tweeted about the traffic culture in Nairobi. He said motorists were very disciplined on Ngong Road but misbehaved on other roads.

“I find it strange how Kenyans can be so disciplined on Ngong Rd and misbehave on other roads,” Swaleh Mdoe tweeted.

A heartless tweep responded to Swaleh’s tweet by reminding him of his financial problems. The tweep compared the traffic situation to Swaleh’s predicament.

“The same way @MikeOkinyi Is disciplined with his salary and you’re not, from the same employer, sasa uko na pay bill number Kama Red Cross,” Charles Kogi tweeted.



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