Mike sonko confesses The Power Of LGBTQ Community After His FaceBook Account Was Indefinitely Shut Down

Mike Sonko found himself locking horns with members of the queer community after his sentiments about them.

He’s among the numerous celebrities who rebuke the LGBTQ community. He once locked horns with Michelle Ntalami after the death of the late Edwin Chiloba.

Kumbe the late Edwin Chiloba had an affair with @michelle.ntalami na walikuwa na mapenzi moto moto hadi jana Michelle had to pen down a beautiful tribute to the late Edwin Chiloba recalling the first time they met and the beautiful moments they shared. Rest in Peace Edwin,” wrote Sonko.

Responding to the post, Michelle began by cautioning the former Governor against peddling rumours, adding that Edwin was not attracted to her.

The social media influencer went on to plead with Sonko to allow authorities to do their job and let her friend Edwin rest in peace.

“With all due respect Sir, please write/ speak only the things you are certain of. The late Edwin Chiloba and I were friends. If you understood the dynamics you would know that a feminine woman like me would be the last person he’d be attracted to. This is a sensitive matter, stop propagating lies. Let the DCI do their job and let Edwin rest. I’ve always held you in high regard. I believe you are above this, thank you,” she wrote.

Mike Sonko has now complained about his Facebook account being closed up.

He took to his socials to call them out;

“Hawa mashoga wa LGBTQ wako na nguvu,” former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says after his Facebook account was suspended following his remarks on LGBTQ.

“Wamecomplain to FB mpaka my page of 2,500,000 followers ikakuwa disabled till I apologise to them then appeal to FB. I can’t & will not apologise to them. Hapa tweeter muko 2,300,000 followers & still growing. Alluta continua,” Sonko said.

Sonko has reiterated that he’s still going to fight the queer community

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