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Mike Sonko Is Right About Boarding schools

December 08, 2022 at 10:58
Mike Sonko Is Right About Boarding schools

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the abolishment of boarding schools for Grades One to Nine from next year, in a move that — coming just five weeks to the reopening of schools — has caught many parents flat-footed.

The ban has roped in parents’ reaction; with some agreeing while others have disagreed strongly. From Mike Sonko’s end, banning boarding schools will greatly disadvantage both pupils and parents.
In what manner? Well, according to him, boarding schools helps some students escape traumas home. It’s a peaceful place for them.

”HII MAMBO YA KU ABOLISH PRIMARY BOARDING SCHOOLS HAPANA. In my own opinion I think the move is ill advised. For some children a boarding school is the best and safest place to be away from chaotic marriages, torture from step fathers/mothers, uncless and aunts etc,” he wrote in part.

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Impact Of The Ban

From his shrewd sentiments, I agree that it’s not right to ban the boarding schools. As a matter of fact, boarding schools perform way better than day schools. There’s ample time to study and build progressively. From parents’ side, it also gives them time to do their own things. Most of them are always up & down hustling.

The ban will be more of a disadvantage than an advantage from both sides.


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