Mike Sonko’s Daughter Says She Needs 15,000 Minimum to Leave The House

Image: Sandra Slaying

Mike Sonko’s daughter, Sandra Mbuvi, has done an interview with Vincent Mboya where she said she needs at least 15k when roaming around with her dogs. In a video that has now been deleted likely out of pure embarazzment, Sandra Mbuvi, aka Thickyy Sandra, enumerated all her expenses on a simple day out. We were lucky enough to have loaded the video before it was deleted, so here is the entire transcript:


Sandra: “It depends, if I’m going shopping, then… I really have to come outside the house with my credit card, but if it’s just like I’m roaming around with my dog, I just walk around with around like 10 to 15k… cause ni mimi na madoggy tu… but if I’m going out with my friends I just carry my credit card.”

Vincent Mboya: “Doggy 15k ya nini?”

Sandra: “Si in case it needs something cause you know whenever I go to, like, the pet store, whatever it chooses… I could have, like, two options, and I pick two teddy bears and then it can choose one. Hivo ndio najua imechagua, you know? That’s what I do with my dogs. And then dog food, dog meat, if I need to restock the dog shampoo”

Vincent Mboya: “So your dogs have a teddy bear?”

Sandra: “Ya, to play with… they have dog biscuits, they have toys to play with, of course. Who’s dogs don’t have toys?”


EDIT: the folks over at SPM Buzz managed to clip the video. Here it is:



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