Mike Sonko’s Facebook Account Suspended For Anti LGBTQ Posts

Mike Sonko’s Facebook account has been suspended after several posts calling for violence against members of the LGBTQ community.



This also comes after several weeks of heated debates on social media between celebrities sparked off by Daddy Owen, who said that we don’t need LGBTQ in Kenya. DJ Mo, Andrew Kibe and other celebrities also showed support for this anti LGBTQ movement.


In a way, I understand politicians, speaking their mind on the LGBTQ issue, since they simply want to reflect the will of the people. And right now with Kenya being a Christian country, the will of the people is probably the rejection of LGBTQ. However, I feel like it is possible to convince people to eventually change their mind through rational debates. I am old enough to remember that even in the west they had rejected LGBTQ as early as the 90s. And western politicians’ rhetoric reflected the will of the people. But due to rational debate in the 2000s, there was a sea change of opinion where people agreed to live and let live when it comes to gays, lesbians and the like


 Right now politicians say that Kenya has more pressing issues than the LGBTQ issue on their plate right now. and they’re probably right. But I hope that when the time comes, Kenyans will be open-minded enough to look at this issue with fresh eyes and realise that members of the lgbtq community aren’t hurting anyone

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