Why Milly Chebby really reconciled with Terence Creative

Image: Milly Chebby and Terence Creative

Milly Chebby is the betrayed spouse of Terrence the Creative, an internet comedian whose relationship was exposed online after he began cheating and was caught. To his credit, he decided to prioritize their marriage and the couple have worked things out.

Comedian Terence creative and wife, Milly Chebby expecting baby number 2!

She recently took to social media to celebrate the fact on his birthday and her post was a tear-jerking ode to the effort he has apparently put into transforming himself and their marriage given he used to reportedly go missing for weeks on end:

Milly Chebby, Terrence Creative
Terence Creative and Milly Chebby challenge

To a man I love and honour, as you celebrate your birthday today I am proud to say @terencecreative you’ve grown from a man to a man of honour manze I am so proud of who and what you have become babe,I have seen your growth from your casino days,the days you smoked none stop ,to the days you never returned home for weeks I can say so much about you and how God has transformed you and you an house name, as you celebrate a year older today may he that started a good work in you be able to accomplish it
@millanetai and love you so much

While to the casual observer this is a story of how love won the day out, to us, we can see that Milly Chebby really had no choice but to reconcile with her husband unless she wanted to end up like some of her bitter single friends who are staring at the possibility of growing old all alone.

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Terrence Creative was able to salvage his marriage not because he is an Adonis but because his wife is pragmatic. She took a long hard look at their situation and decided that what they had wasn’t worth throwing away because she could probably not do any better than him.

Milly Chebby
Terence Creatives wife, Milly Chebby

You see, we exist in an apathetic reality and the world doesn’t care whether or not he wronged her, it only cares for her sexual marketplace value and of that, her’s is low given she would be an out of shape obese single mother were they to split.

Milly Chebby is unfairly hated and attacked by Kenyans online

To the ever-triggered feminist, what I have just said is cruel but to those of us with culture and exposure to the concept of facing reality as ungarnished as it may come, we realize all I have done is stated the truth in all its vulgar nakedness.

Milly Chebby
Former Switch TV presenter, Milly Chebby

You see, while Terrence Creative is also an obese, out of shape man, he is tall and has social proof in abundance as he is a celebrity. What that means is that he will always have options. And we are discussing young, nubile, beautiful options like Anita Soina will avail themselves for him.

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But what is in store for Milly Chebby were she to chose the single life?! I can guarantee you she wouldn’t receive anywhere near half that level of attention. She would receive some but not from high-value men. It would be from men who are aware that they cannot get women in their prime so they target the limping prey.

Terrence Creative’s paramour Anita Soina

Add to this the fact that their children are better suited when both parents are involved. And you can see that she made a sacrifice that was the smart play. She first ensured that he apologized and prostrated himself. I had to literally drag himself across hot coal before she took him back but that was the only smart play she had at hand.

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