Milly Chebby Reveals How Dark Times Cemented Her Relationship With Terence Creative (Video)

Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby are epitomes of true love. Despite being criticized on several occasions, they have immensely thrived in their relationship over the ups and downs.

Terence has everything to lose if he parts ways with Milly Chebby, considering she pardoned her after he was exposed for cheating.

The comedian praised his wife for being the love of his life, while acknowledging her worth as a woman. He went on to ask his fans to help him wish her a happy birthday all while showering her with blessings galore.

“Woman of worth! I thank God for giving you another year my love, you are one of the greatest lady that I am glad to spend my life with. You are very resilient, smart and your unconventional approach to life has made you what you are today: a woman of worth. Enjoy this year to the fullest my dear wife and May God continue fulfilling the desires of your life. To perpetual growth, wisdom, health, and wealth,” Terence’s message reads.

Blessing In Disguise

Despite their hardships, Milly Chebby believes it was necessary to bond their relationship. The two shared during a recent podcast.

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