Milly Chebby weeps uncontrollably responding to claims she hacked Pika na Raych’s YouTube channel

Amidst the era of digital media coupled with Coronavirus’ harsh conditions, online media platforms have become the run to source of income as majority seek refuge online as their last remaining hope.

Celebrities most especially have turned to YouTube and Instagram to source their daily bread, whether production of documentaries, drama or reality shows.

Unfortunately, its has not proven an easy time between Raych Gitau, the WaJesus family and the Terence Creative’s  who have clashed after Raych’s YouTube cooking show got hacked last week by someone she knows.

YouTuber, Raych Gitau

Fans quickly speculated Milly Chebby and WaJesus family as key suspects before Raych cleared the WaJesus family, leaving the Terence’s as the possible suspects.

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This did not however go well with the Terence’s who have called out Raych and her husband for failing to clear their name amidst brutal trolls.

Milly Chebby with husband, Terence Creative

Milly Chebby weeps

Up on YouTube, Milly could not hold back her tears after her eyes grew heavy just thinking how someone she mentored and brought into the light, could dare hit back at her like that.

No phone calls were made, no questions asked, no clarification sought from the Terence couple’s by Raych and this hurt them to bits!

It didn’t hurt me as much at the beginning but what really hurt me most towards the end is how Raych did an Instastory only clearing the WaJesus family but not us. If you really suspected it’s us, why don’t you even call us or DM us and ask us? People pushed you to clear our name in the comment section but you only deleted the comments.

Couple, Raych Gitau and Kymo

Milly immediately got trolled, cyberbullied and body shamed by trolls, labeling the couple “thieves”, “hackers” and all other unkind names.

I was called a “hippo”, “pig”..why? It is very painful! I did not hack Raych’s account we didn’t even know about it. I have not been at peace at all and I hope this really makes you happy! Let me categorically say, Raych I’m not competing with you, this space is enough for all of us. You should have just protected our brand just like you would protect yours. Thanks to everyone who supported us. I hope after this peace will prevail.

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