Mimi Mars rejects the idea of being a second wife

Image: Mimi Mars

Tanzanian singer Mimi Mars has revealed that her religious beliefs prevent her from considering the role of a second wife. In a recent interview on East Africa Radio, Mars, sister of renowned artist Vanessa Mdee, firmly stated her stance on marriage.

“My faith prohibits me from entering into a polygamous relationship. I would never compromise my religious principles for the sake of marriage,” she asserted.

Venturing further into the realm of relationships, Mars emphasized the significance of a partner’s personality in the decision-making process. “I prioritize a person’s character,” she declared, emphasizing that neither fame nor social standing equate to good character.

When asked about her deal breakers in a relationship, Mars unequivocally cited abuse and disrespect as unacceptable behaviors. “I am not one to tolerate mistreatment from a partner. If I am struck, I will retaliate. I will never surrender without a fight,” she declared with unwavering resolve.

In the past, Tanzanian singer Omari Mwanga alias Marioo, Mimi’s ex-boyfriend, had publicly expressed his willingness to step aside and allow fellow artist Diamond Platnumz to pursue Mimi. Marioo’s remarks followed reports of Mimi swimming at Diamond’s residence shortly after the WCB founder’s public declaration of affection for her.

In an interview with Ijumaa Newspaper, Marioo professed his utmost respect for Diamond, stating that he would willingly relinquish his love for Diamond’s sake. “Regarding Mimi Mars, I am perfectly fine, and I have no issue with Diamond. We are at peace because he is my elder brother. Out of respect for him, he is at liberty to pursue any woman he desires, even those I am dating. I could never harbor hatred towards him because he deserves the best. All I can say is that I will always be grateful to him,” Marioo asserted.

Marioo’s declaration came after he sent shockwaves through his fanbase by posting a picture of a noose on his Instagram account, sparking fears of suicidal intent following rumors of Mimi’s alleged affair with Diamond. Marioo later clarified that the post was solely intended to promote an upcoming song.

“People have been inquiring about my relationship status… I am not suicidal as some believe. I was merely preparing my fans for the release of my song,” he explained.

Mimi also maintained that her relationship with Diamond was strictly professional. “Our connection is purely work-related. We have an upcoming project, and that’s all. I am already committed to someone in my life. I am grateful to God for his understanding nature. Even when I visited Diamond’s residence, he was aware of my plans,” she stated.

Despite Marioo’s apparent consent, Mimi expressed her reservations about pursuing a romantic relationship with the Bongo Flava A-lister, citing the negative perceptions surrounding Diamond’s past relationships. “I doubt my relationship with Diamond could progress beyond a professional level because imagine the public outcry that arose from a mere poolside video. Imagine the scrutiny we would face if we were seen socializing publicly. People fail to comprehend that someone like Diamond can maintain a normal relationship with a woman due to his reputation or past, or perhaps because of what we know about him,” she elaborated.

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