Mishi Dora opens up the floor for all the men who would like to have a piece of her…apparently her two fiancee’s don’t mind sharing(photo)

Mishi Dora is pretty much open to jiggle and she’s calling upon all men who are interested in having a piece of her.

And hey, the fact that she’s engaged to not one but two men shouldn’t stop one single bit.

Just like the way Rayvanny slid away into the love cave up to the point where he planted his seed, the love cave is pretty much open for all of us as well.

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All you have to do is state your claim, produce a ring(diamond I think) and you are pretty much good to go.

“So now both my hands have been asked for marriage (I hear its hands that are usually asked for marriage) the left one has a ring and the right one too…. anyway.. Isulu.. my legs are still available….no one has asked for their legs in marriage…. So whoever wants can propose to them too….




Mishi Dora posted on her instagram.

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