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Miss Mandi and Amina Abdi situation exposes hypocrisy of Kenyan feminists

January 24, 2022 at 12:07
Miss Mandi and Amina Abdi situation exposes hypocrisy of Kenyan feminists

Kenyan feminists are a joke. We know this after the way they handled the Miss Mandi and Amina Abdi exposes. And unless you’ve just awoken from your 100 year sleep, I will not be revisiting it. Just kidding Rip van Winkle.

Mandi Saro apologizes to former colleague for being a ‘mean girl’ back in the day

Koome Gitobu, a photographer and videographer had previously come out to share his experience as an intern at Capital FM, at a time when Miss Mandi was also at the radio station. Although she left 3 or so years ago, and their interaction was over 5 years ago, the memories of their interactions left him traumatised.

Miss Mandii

She would routinely humiliate and mock him and would invite the rest of the office into the cruel game. This revelation elicited more revelations from others who had interacted with Miss Mandi and were left stung by her cruel sense of humour.

KoT having a field day roasting ‘Mean Miss Mandii’ after former colleague exposes her as a bully

The same thing happened with Amina Abdi. She was brought up by a tweep on Twitter who was responding to the thread about Mandi Sarro. According to this individual, she is more cruel than even the former and this led to more “witnesses” and “victims” to come out and accuse her of being a vile human being.

What was interesting was the silence from the most vociferous Kenyan feminists. And it didn’t go unnoticed. Actually, that isn’t entirely accurate. Some foolish and dishonest feminists attempted to cast what was happening (the two media personalities being called out for their toxicity and held accountable) as some sort of proof that Kenyans are misogynists.

Amina Abdi Rabar secretly ditches Capital FM

But let us focus on how the vast majority of feminists reacted… With silence.

And this is why everyone was calling back to the incident that happened involving Shaffie Weru and DJ Joe Mfalme aswell as Neville. To be frank, it is why most normal people do not pay any attention to the ludicrous rantings of feminists: there is zero honesty in their argument. And both Amina Abdi and Miss Mandi are proof of this fact.

“She terrorized and brutally bullied me” Former Capital FM employee exposes Miss Mandii Saro for being a bully

In one case, the men made what some considered unsavoury jokes about a situation involving a man who had thrown his girlfriend over the balcony of a building they were chilling at after he had bought her drinks and she refused to fulfill the covert contract. On the other hand, the female media personalities were called out for being virtual bullies who made life hell for their colleagues and caused them to get drepressed.

So why the wildly different reactions? Why were Miss Mandi and Amina Abdi left largely unscathed? It is because Kenyan feminists do not believe in accountability among their own. So why bother punishing the two? Afterall, had they not simply done what feminists want to achieve in life? To not only surplant men but act like the worst, lowest among men? To act like bullies?

Think about it. If Kenyan feminists really wanted to make things better for women, why wouldn’t they want to thin out members of their horde who target even women? Why wouldn’t they want to show women who aren’t part of the “it circle” of digital feminists that they offer safety? That would be what a visionary leader would do. It would be what a smart coven of witches would do. Instead, they would rather fall on their own sword and remain silent.

Another resultant consequence of what they have done is that they have alienated men. Clearly, Kenyan feminists are mere misandrists. So why bother taking them seriously? Do you take the mad woman ranting and raving naked at the market seriously? You do when she has a stone or is chasing you with a stick. So what can men do to protect themselves from the lynch mobs that protect women such as Miss Mandi and Amina Abdi? Opt out. men do not fight women. They do not compete with women. They simply move on and create even more spaces that lock women out.

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