Mixed responses are received to Samidoh’s social media post about treachery

Mugithi artist Samuel Muchoki, known as Samidoh, sparked varied reactions among his followers with a social media post discussing his journey through depression and betrayal.

Reflecting on overcoming tough times, Samidoh shared, “Tell them we survived depression, betrayal, and disappointments. Now we don’t see any big deal with anything.”

However, the response from his fans in the comment section was mixed, with some criticizing him for addressing betrayal given his own circumstances, including fathering children with both his wife and nominated senator Karen Nyamu.

In response to criticism from one follower named Nthiga Irene, Samidoh retorted, “Nthiga Irene, that’s why I said it’s not for your level of IQ, wait until tomorrow.” Similarly, he dismissed a comment from another follower, Esther Nickie, implying it was beyond her understanding.

In an interview, Samidoh discussed the challenges of fame and negativity, expressing his dislike for constant scrutiny. “There is a cost to everything. When I was herding cattle in Jorook, nothing would have happened to me because I was a nobody. But now, when I became famous, negativity comes with it. Life is a balance sheet. You focus. The problem is not me or us,” he explained.

Samidoh also shared his approach to addressing such matters with his eldest daughter, emphasizing the importance of clear communication amidst public scrutiny.

Acknowledging his role as a father to five children from two women, Samidoh stressed his commitment to being there for all his children equally. Despite the challenges, he affirmed, “I may not be many things but I’m a good father. Because I’m there for my children always. When it comes to time, when it comes to financial support, I’m always there for them, all of them.”

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