“Mjulubeng lazima ipigwe service na different service providers” Huddah Monroe reveals why she allows her boyfriend to sleep with multiple women

Huddah Monroe has been dating a mystery man for close to two years. The petite socialite has now revealed that she is in an open relationship.

An open relationship is one which both partners agree that each may have sexual relations with other people. As in they sleep around with their partners’ blessings.

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Men can’t be satisfied with one woman

Huddah took to social media to explain why open relationship is the best. The socialite argues that men can’t be satisfied with one woman no matter how pretty she is.

Leave if he’s violent

Huddah further cautions women against leaving their husbands and boyfriends because of infidelity. She says a woman should only leave a man if he is physically abusive and not because he is cheating because cheating is to men.

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