Mlitupima! Fans Puzzled After Professor Hamo And Jemutai Start A Show Together

Professor Hamo and Jemutai ‘chibambe’ are two lovebirds who had previously kept their relationship under wraps. Hell broke loose on Professor Hamo when he was exposed by Jemutai as a dead beat dad.

Well, all this came to pass after a DNA test was done and Hamo had no option but to accept responsibility.

Together, they have 2 kids; and Hamo already has another baby mama. Apparently, he promised to marry Jemutai, even after refuting the claims of being the biological father of the two children.

Raw and Candid

Anyway, what has got many fans talking is how fast they have been able to reconcile to a point of starting their own show dubbed ‘Raw and Candid” together. Moreover, most have gone ahead to claim that their scandal was just a hoax to attract attention.

Here are some of the people’s reactions after learning about the show;

 ”So DNA was just a comedy too….I will start minding my own business”

”Good example of when life throws lemons and making lemonade out of it”

”Haki nyinyi ni kama mulitubeba ufala????”

”Honestly handle your home issues privately! Kids are involved!!! Don’t come back crying again ukipata ball ya 3”

Despite all the criticisms, comedy is still what they do best. A round of applause for now will suffice.

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