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Moha Jicho Pevu’s homophobic statement was unnecessary

January 12, 2023 at 10:32
Moha Jicho Pevu's homophobic statement was unnecessary

Alot has been said since the murder of Edwin Chiloba and so far to be honest – most seem seem to have quite negative things to say about this community but never did we imagine a whole MP would make homophobic statements on his social media pages.

Well if you havent yet seen Moha Jicho Pevu tweet on LGBTQ community allow me to reshare it here with you. He wrote;

Jackton Odhiambo with late boyfriend, Edwin Chiloba

Let us not waste time discussing LGBTQ or whatever name they call it. It’s illegal. God doesn’t like it and we should not entertain it. On this one democracy my foot. Jail them.

And just like that he blew a horn so loud that some kenyans felt the need to step in in defence to this community – I mean, as Humans – who are we to judge others on how they sin. Doesn’t the scripture (Islam & Christianity) forbid us from playing God in that we cannot say someone’s sins are worse that those of yours.

Sometimes it’s better to shut up

I know there are those supporting him but to honest – majority see this a political clout stunt….I mean, why now and why so bitter if this doesn’t directly affect his daily life routine and ever heard achekaye kilema hata kwao kipo…

Anyway since all this revolves around the brutal murder of Edwin Chiloba…the least we can do is shut up if we have nothing good to say….but I hear corruption and other important matters concerning kenyans is where these politicians draw the line.


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