Money moves! Shakilla reveals thousands she’s been minting from her OnlyFans account, savagely fires back at Willy Paul

Image: Shakilla makes comeback at Willy Paul

Booming 19-year old socialite Shakilla is now making big money moves after using her multiple controversies to her advantage.

The campus babe broke the Internet after her appearance on Xtain Dela’s InstaLive, starring in all sorts of s*x scandals, which she is now using for her gain.

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Just when many thought she would crumble, it looks like Shakilla is here to prove the world wrong and drive her agendas.

Shakillas investments

The babe has been putting up several structures with a couple of constructions in her name.

Shakilla making big money moves

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In latest events, the babe bagged a whopping KSh100k just for making an appearance in a club, showing off the multiple KSh1k notes that had been aligned on her body while lying on a pool table.

Next is her X-rated OnlyFans account that has bagged her $2000 (KSh200,000) in just one night.

With a total $7292 (KSh 729,200) earnings in the last one month.

Shakilla now stands to give the likes of Vera Sidika and Huddah Monroe, who also have an OnlyFans account, a run for their money.

Shakilla major comeback at Willy Paul

The fast-rising campus socialite has released a diss track, hitting at Willy Paul clarifying she does not need him in her life to be financially stable.

Neither does she need their friendship for her to make such money moves. Having earlier warned him to watch this space because someday, he might not be able to gain entry into her house parties.

Her comeback comes barely weeks after Pozze got her arrested in the middle of the night at his residence, claiming she had forced her way into his home.

Willy Paul and Shakilla go to battle

For Shakilla, she had just been betrayed by someone they had struck a deal with but that was not going to pull her down, if anything, it only made her stronger.

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