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All that money and you still borrow clothes: Zari Hassan trolled after she was spotted wearing her friend’s dress to a wedding

May 02, 2017 at 15:13

I bet many assume that Zari’s closet is full of beautiful clothes and probably new ones she has not had the chance to step out in, right? Maybe.

But this weekend Zari was spotted wearing one of her friend’s dress that has left many questioning where she takes her money to.

Diamond Platnumz baby mama had stepped out for a wedding and since most of her followers often keep up with her lifestyle, they couldn’t help but troll her for wearing a ‘borrowed’ dress.

Hassan Zari

Hassan Zari

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It is however not clear whether Zari had borrowed the dress or the design from her friend who had earlier been seen wearing the similar outfit. Looking at the two ladies it is easy to tell that they both different body shapes making it hard to believe that the dress the lass was seen in was borrowed.

Anyway, this time around Zari did not respond to her comments probably to avoid having a confrontation with her fans. All in all I must agree that she looked rather stunning in her bridal outfit.


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