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“Moses Kuria is no ordinary Kenyan” Boniface Mwangi provides in-depth understanding of Gatundu South MP

September 08, 2017 at 13:37
"Moses Kuria is no ordinary Kenyan" Boniface Mwangi provides in-depth understanding of Gatundu South MP

Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi has the answer for those who can’t comprehend why Moses Kuria is unapologetic about his inciteful utterences.

The controversial Gatundu South MP has stepped up attacks on Raila Odinga and Kenyans from specific enthic background prompting public outcry.

Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi has since stepped forth to provide an indepth understanding of Kuria.

“Moses Kuria is no ordinary Kenyan. He is the poster boy for hate speech in Kenya. Moses Kuria comments are beyond disgusting, they’re criminal. National Cohesion and Integration Commission is useless,they have failed to nail Moses Kuria,the hate-monger,” Boniface Mwangi wrote in part.

Boniface reminded Kenyas to read an essay he wrote on August 7th 2015 which reveals why Kuria is ‘untouchable’ and why his service is highly appreciated by his party.

Read Boniface’s essay below:

“The rich man’s fart doesn’t smell. On Sunday 2nd,August 2015, Moses Kuria flew to Tanzania to watch the Gor Mahia Vs Azam game. Nothing special for a Kenyan to go watch a football match, except Moses Kuria is no ordinary Kenyan. He is the poster boy for hate speech in Kenya. His utterances have largely been against a community who arguably make up the largest percentage of Gor Mahia’s primary fans and he has two ongoing cases for hate speech. Never mind that he is a member of parliament who was elected unopposed because the president’s party wanted an attack dog against the opposition.

“Moses Kuria’s support for Gor was celebrated by the usual twitter trolls. The paid twitter brigade retweeted images of Moses wearing a Gor T-shirt. Why was there so much excitement that a hate-monger was going to watch the game? Well, he was carrying a package of Ksh 500,000 for the cash strapped football team on behalf of Deputy President Ruto. Just because messenger Moses was carrying money, his hate speech stench was ignored.

“On a daily basis Kenyans complain of corrupt politicians who steal and grab land but don’t question where the handouts politicians give us come from.

“President Obama, whose visit we celebrated and whose speeches we lauded, is not known for his philanthropy or contributions to fundraisers. He was elected by young people who donated their own money to his campaign, trusting his vision for transformation. Kenya needs leaders who will create wealth for the people and provide jobs, not handouts.

“Handouts by politicians is not leadership but a sad trickle refund of what they have stolen from the Kenyan taxpayers. We need to stop taking or celebrating these handouts. #StopTheHypocrisy”



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