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Motif Di Don talks about his journey to success, working with Khaligraph and sampling beats (Interview)

May 31, 2020 at 14:38
Motif Di Don talks about his journey to success, working with Khaligraph and sampling beats

Morris Kobia, better known as Motif Di Don, needs no introduction. If you like Kenyan music, chances are high that  you’ve listened to a song that he has produced.

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We called him up a few days ago because wanted to know about his journey to success, thoughts on Gengetone, how he started working with Khaligraph Jones, future plans and whatnot.

Motif Di Don and Khaligraph Jones

Motif Di Don and Khaligraph Jones

Motif explained that he was just making beats and giving them to his friends when it hit him that he should send one to Khaligraph because he was really popping at the time.

The Juu Ya Ngori hitmaker really liked the beat and they ended up being friends and that explains why he has been producing his songs since 2015.

Motif did not go to school to learn how to make beats. He told Ghafla that he learnt most of the things that he knows on YouTube.

Asked whether he can sustain himself whether the can sustain himself with the money that he gets from producing songs, he answered in the affirmative and explained that it was hard when he was starting but things got better.

Motif Di Don with Ethic's Mtoto wa Eunice

Motif Di Don with Ethic’s Mtoto wa Eunice

He also shared his thoughts on Gengetone and explained that most Kenyans are vulgar and that is the main reason why genre went viral.

I also asked him about sampling jams seeing as he was in the center of the drama that led to Figa by Ethic being and he explained that the group’s management could not reach an agreement with the owners on how to split revenues.

Lastly, I’m sure all the ladies who are reading this article are wondering whether he has a partner and apparently he does. Sorry I had to be the bearer of this news.

Listen to the full interview below.


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