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Moya David Reacts To Kelvin Kinuthia Crushing On Him- Ni Mali Safi

April 14, 2022 at 11:03
Moya David Reacts To Kelvin Kinuthia Crushing On Him- Ni Mali Safi

Popular TikTok star Moya David has attracted admiration far & wide with his impeccable street dance that has brought happiness to both men & women. Moya rose to fame through his emotional surprise dances on the streets of Nairobi. Through this, Moya has earned several gigs to surprise celebrities & several people on their parties.

Most people are now booking him for surprises. And this is why popular cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia has fell in love with his craft. He also wants to experience the feeling that Moya instills on people. In relation to this, Kelvin also opined Moya ‘ni mali safi‘- meaning he’s good looking & admirable. The cross-dresser’s sentiments roped in several reactions from fans who termed him as gay. Of course there have been several allegations about Kinuthia being a member of LGBTQ. But the TikToker has demystified on several occasions that people should not assume his sexual orientation.

Moya Reacts

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While in an interview with Mungai Eve, Moya purported he does not entertain Kinuthia’s sentiments.

”Of course mimi ni mali safi. But sasa inatoka from the wrong person. Inatoka from the wrong gender. Ingekuwa ni msichana, hio nayo ningefurahia.”

He also added that he’s not in the position to create content with Kinuthia.

Watch his full interview below;


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