Mpenzi wa kweli ni Mungu: Lessons we have learnt from Jackton Odhiambo and late Edwin Chiloba’s toxic relationship

Image: Jackton Odhiambo with late boyfriend, Edwin Chiloba

Of you thought people in the LGBTQ community dont suffer same problems as straight people then i guess you now know different following Jackton Odhiambo and Edwin Chiloba’s deadly ending.

I know at first we all thought the late Edwin had been murdered by homophobics but then again we later heard ati ni mzee alimuuwa after learning Chiloba had cheated. Asii! Yes you see the way you keep accusing your girlfriend or boyfriend of cheating – even these two were facing the same issue back at home but problem is – one turned out to be a cold murderer…he confessed.

Also having heard that Odhiambo was still making money transactions after knocking his lover out cold we have learnt:

Self love

I want to believe this wasn’t the first fight between these two but for some reason, Edwin Chiloba never left. Being the kind hearted person he was, i can only assume Chiloba kept giving his boyfriend chances…forgetting that he could love himself without having someone to call a lover. With self love and knowing your worth – you’re able to dodge narcissistic relationships that keep you hanging in there, waiting for change, but as you can see, it didnt end so well.

Personal space

The fact that they had already moved in together is a big red flag. At their young age, what is the need to crowd yourself living with a man who can also hustle and pay his bills? The fact that they kept crowding each others space and knowing each others move is the reason we are writing about them today. Plus, clearly Edwin Chiloba didnt have close friends so Jackton Odhiambo probably took advantage of this too.

Once toxic, always toxic – run

Like i said, this was not the first time these two fought…but it was the last time Jackson Odhiambo was going to put his hands on Chiloba…but imagine, what if he had said something? I’m pretty sure his circle would have told him to run and never look back.

Not everyone is for you

Why is that many believe couples who fight with the most are meant for each other? That is pure BS because nothing beats peace of mind and heart….plus, with 7.88888 billion people in the word, what makes you think you were created for someone who constantly hurts you?

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