Mr. Seed and Solomon Mkubwa  Bless the world with “UPO”

Days after his exit from the EMB records, Starborn Empire CEO Mr. Seed is causing a stir in the gospel industry with his latest song ‘UPO’ which he featured Tanzania’s  award winning gospel artist Solomon Mkubwa.

The song is more of a prayer to God to remember those in need as we believe in his presence-‘UPO’. What better time to do such a beautiful song than now?

Many people are struggling with emotional issues and the Duo have done justice by dropping this tune. UPO is Swahili which loosely translates to   ‘You are there’ .

Delivery of the song

Mr Seed starts the song with,Mmmh tunakuamini daily,Mmmh tunakungoja daily baba’,  reminding us how much we believe and wait upon the Lord.Many of us are still waiting.

He continues in prayer calling on  God to illuminate his power and presence  upon people  that are wallowing in darkness, sadness and pain. 

Eeh na giza limejaa, angaza tukuone Mmmh wagonjwa wamejaa shuka uwaponye Eeh na giza limejaa, angaza tukuone eeeh wagonjwa wamejaa shuka uwaponye’.

He is later joined by Mkubwa in exciting  harmony at the Bridge and Chorus of the song.

‘Wacha wajue kwamba upo(upo) Baba upo(baba upo)

Wacha wajue kwamba upo(upo) 

Baba upo 

Wewe upo ai, Wewe upo   Wewe upo mmmh Wewe upo.’

Solomon Mkubwa comes in to give it a tune of worship while in the background, the guitar and keyboard keep us dancing.

In the the following stanzas Mkubwa asks God to remember His people. At the end of it all, the  sick,the church,the jobless and families will be blessed by this tune.


Further, the  beat of the  gives you a reason to groove with conviction,hope and humility. He also says that musicians are also waiting upon God.

Lastly, the song gives you a reason to still believe in the church.

The song’s  audio was  produced by Starborn Empire studios and Producer Paulo with  the Video being done by Tom Gor.

With every line and beat the song is worth listening to  if not be on  your playlist. For this song I give  it 8/10 rating, it should be on the playlists for a while and the duo should give us another song soon.Job well done.

Below is the link to the song.


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