Mr Seed finally addresses separation rumors with wife, Nimo

Mr Seed’s love boat has been quite shaky; and although he has been trying to convince us that all is well; I’m guessing that’s just part of the PR play. But oh well, if it helps him sleep better at night – then why not?

Anyway speaking during his album launch that went down this past weekend; Mr Seed for the first time opened up sharing the current nature of his relationship with wife, Nimo Gachuiri.

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According to Mr Seed, his marriage is doing better than ever; and although there are rumors claiming wife has distanced herself after the Somali baby mama rumors; these are lies cooked to attack his family.

Speaking to popular news outlet the singer said;

Mr Seed with wife, Nimo and son

I am a family guy and there are very few people who wish one well. Your enemies look for something to attack you with. It’s hard for us because the whole family is in the limelight.

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My family is working together

With the infidelity story making rounds on social media every week thanks to his Somali ex bae; Mr Seed continues to insist that the reason he keeps getting attacked is because his entire family is in the limelight.

Gospel artiste Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

  When the family is on the limelight, people will still talk negatively. We decided to hold and work on ourselves.

Nimo maintains silence

Well, seems like the only person speaking for the relationship is Mr Seed; while his wife on the hand chose to maintain her silence on matters regarding her marriage.

Not quite sure whether Nimo has forgiven hubby for the two alleged boys he had outside his marriage; but her silence seems to suggest that something is clearly off with her relationship. Just saying.

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