Mr Seed’s wife opens up about her beef with Diana Bahati

For close to 3 years now Diana Bahati and Nimo Gachuiri have not been in good terms following an unfortunate event that occurred on 2018’s New Years. Well, at least the boys (Baha and Mr Seed) already settled their differences; but as for the girls, the beef stays alive.

I say this after coming across Nimo Gachuiri’s interview with Kioko where she opened up about their ongoing beef; and why they allowed the bad blood to continue.

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Well according to Nimo, she hasn’t yet gotten over the fact that Diana Marua mistreated her; despite the fact that they had been close friends and at the time – she was pregnant. Speaking about the issue, Nimo went on to say;

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” Mimi sithani nitasahau Mambo nimefanyiwa na Diana na Bahati . Walinitesa vibaya lakini Kila Kitu hukuja na sababu . I will never forgive and forget them. It has been two years now bila kuongeleshana na sidhani nitawai.”

More to the concert beef?

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Well, one would say that the bad blood was not just because of events that went down on 2018’s new year; but might have been caused by a string of issues between the two, that were yet to be resolved.

Nimo made this obvious after Kioko asked  whether there is more to the beef; and having dodged the question like she did not hear it, confirmed that these two ladies still have a lot of bitterness towards each other.

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