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Mrs Raburu reveals why she still fell in love with Willis Raburu despite online users trolling his weight

October 16, 2017 at 10:09
Willis Raburu with his bride

Citizen Tv’s news anchor Willis Raburu has been on a tough weight loss journey that has seen him lose about 12KG’s dropping from 144kg’s to 132 kg’s in just 4 months.

His weight loss journey however began after his doctor’s advised him to check his weight as things did not look so good on his part. Through his social media pages he revealed this by saying;

Willis Raburu weight loss journey

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“He told me, if I was not going to lose some kilograms of the body weight, sooner or later, it would be a recipe for my death,”

Just like any human being who understands the risks that come with bad eating habits, Willis Raburu enrolled in a gym where he has been working with his trainer Evelyn Owala of Eveal Health and Fitness who has contributed greatly to his new lifestyle.

Willis Raburu weight loss journey

In a new video covering his weight loss journey, his wife Mrs Raburu comes out to say that she was not really up with the ‘weight loss’ process as she loves her man plump but since his weight was affecting his health she had no choice but to help him get a healthier life even if it meant hitting the gym.

Willis Raburu

“I prayed to God to give me a nice, dark, tall guy. A guy who is a bit plump because I love plump guys,”

Willis on the other hand went on to add,

“My wife told me that it is important to work for myself. Not because of people’s pressure; not because of what people say; not because of wanting to prove a point to anybody but a decision that I have to work out for myself,”


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