Msupa M, an influencer, responds to being associated with Kimani Mbugua’s difficulties

Kimani Mbugua’s father recently shared distressing revelations about his son’s struggles with mental health. He disclosed that Kimani’s issues originated from an incident where his drink was allegedly spiked at a party. He recounted how his daughter stumbled upon disturbing evidence of the event on Kimani’s phone.


Kimani Mbugua’s father recounts how acquaintances drugged his son’s beverage and then removed any traces of the incident.

“My daughter took his phone, went through it, and discovered photos and videos of him at the party, drinking, vomiting, and collapsing while being mistreated by girls. Before that, she mentioned seeing a suspicious substance in his drink,” he recounted.

Following the father’s disclosure, online users pointed fingers at Kimani’s friends for failing to protect him. Social media influencer Mollage, reportedly a close friend of Kimani during his career peak, indirectly addressed the accusations on May 18 via her X account.

“Everyone involved in this will face consequences, I assure you. As for my friends and supporters, thank you for checking in on me. I’m doing well and surrounded by those who matter. I’m okay,” she wrote.


Concerns regarding Kimani Mbugua’s health have arisen following his most recent outburst

Although Msupa M did not explicitly reference Kimani’s situation, her followers interpreted her message as a response to the ongoing issue and offered their support.

In a separate interview with a local media outlet on February 4, 2020, Kimani Mbugua opened up about his then-fiancée, Michelle Njeri. He proposed to Michelle at her workplace while she was unwell, and they had plans for a wedding later that year. However, circumstances changed in 2022 when Michelle ended their relationship due to Kimani’s condition becoming too overwhelming for her to handle.

“My relationship with my ex-fiancée ended, and I was devastated. I was deeply invested in the relationship, but I had made many mistakes and caused her a lot of pain. Understandably, she reached her breaking point and decided to end it,” Kimani admitted.

To ensure Kimani’s safety, his father has taken significant measures, including relocating him to a secure environment under close surveillance by family and neighbors.

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