Mulamwah complaining about construction material cost crisis, while showing off progress of the modern family house he is building

Comedian Mulamwah has joined the many Kenyans asking for prayers now that he economy seems to be draining everyone’s pocket.

Mulamwah flaunting his hard earned cash

Okay let’s be real – is it just me or things are just bad? Having a Ksh 1000 is like having Ksh 100. Can’t do anything useful in terms of shopping or even medical care.

Anyway with Mulamwah building a home for himself – the 30 year old has come forth to ask his fans to remember him in prayers; since building materials have also skyrocketed in terms of prices. Unlike before when constructions materials were affordable – right now they go double the price.

As seen on his post – Mulamwah revealed that just building the foundation cost the same price as buying a small new car…which is not normal. This is something that has never been witnessed before.

Mkiombea bei ya unga ishuke, kumbukeni kuombea pia SIMITI, CHUMA na MAWE. Those things are expensive af! Foundation pekee ni kagari kazuri mahali.

Foundation almost done

The popular comedian revealed this after sharing two photos showing the progress his constructors have since made and from the photos – looks like the foundation bit is almost done.

Although we are not sure whether he is building the new village home for his parents or for himself – chances are that this is just his first project and might upgrade in future.

I mean, we’ve seen the likes of Jalang’o, Terence Creative and DJ Mo do the same for their parents. And now, these same guys have upcoming multi million projects in growing areas neighboring Nairobi.

Anyway Check out Mulamwah’s upcoming home.


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