Mulamwah denied access to months old daughter by ex, Carol Sonnie

Comedian Mulamwah says he broke up with ex Carol Sonnie when she was only 3 months pregnant. From what he says is that the lady played him with some other guy simply because he couldn’t afford her lifestyle.

Well – just like you, we learnt about the breakup late last year after the baby was born and since then Mulamwah says he hasn’t seen his baby girl.

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As she celebrates 6 months around the sun, daddy Mulamwah has come out to reveal that his ex denied him access to the baby a long time ago and even threatened to change the baby’s name. Responding to a QnA post from a fan who asked;

How often do you see Keila?

Mulamwah wrote;

Honestly ata sjui kama bado anaitwa Keilah, the mother told me she will change names and tell her babake alikufa. My family has never seen the kid, Ali Kayai kumleta home. She even shaved her on her own against norms.


Surprised? Well I’d say this is not something new among new parents who just broke up. Most of the time it’s a result of bitterness caused by what goes on right before the actual breakup…hurt feelings.

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But from how Mulamwah managed to keep such information on the low (until recently) proves that he may have had some hope of seei baby….but was once again denied access hence the new revelations.

Mulamwah with Carol Sonie

Sonnie on the other hand remains somehow unbothered and judging from her last interview – she says Mulamwah took away her social media accounts that were helping pay some of her bills. Tit for Tat?

Anyway, they say time heals all wounds and sooner or later Mulamwah might be reunited with daughter Keilah…maybe not right away but eventually.

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