Mulamwah Explains Why He Moved On Quickly After Breaking Up With Carrol Sonie (Video)

Comedian Mulamwah has shared new details on what prompted his move for a new girlfriend after breaking-up with ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie. The jester decided to dissolve his relationship with Carrol late last year; after the birth of their new born daughter Keilah Oyando.

” Sad , but carrol & i decided to call it quits .We both decided to separate a very long time ago but we so it fit to also put everything straight that we are no longer together as partners,” part of Mulamwah’s message read.

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After the announcement, the funnyman introduced his newly found love, Ruth; and fans were startled by how fast he was able to move on from Carrol to Ruth.

Mulamwah Clarifies Moving On

The jester has now come clean to explain why he was able to make haste in finding himself a new girlfriend. Speaking in an interview with Dr. Ofweneke, he stated the importance of settling with one chick.

”… I realized that when you’re an artist and you’re making some little cash… ukikosa partner hii Nairobi utaji waste sana because girls are all over your DM, they’re willing to give it all… If you don’t have a person to be by your side to guide you on what to do and what not to do, you’ll lose yourself… Ni important sana kukuwa na partner,” he shared.

And despite moving on, Mulamwah maintained that he’s always there for his daughter Keilah and sends upkeep money to his baby mama.

Watch his full interview below;

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