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Mungai Eve’s Boyfriend Accused Of Neglecting His Child (Screenshot)

July 07, 2022 at 12:49
Mungai Eve's Boyfriend Accused Of Neglecting His Child (Screenshot)

Popular YouTuber Mungai Eve’s boyfriend Director Trevor has been accused of neglecting his own child. The two sweethearts have been in a 2 year relationship that has seen them grow together with a minimum of fuss.

The couple are among Kenya’s biggest online content creators and normally appreciate the journey they have shared; Trevor saying finding Eve has been a true blessing to him.

“Not everyone has been able to find true love that thrives and grows over time. Finding you, my love, has been a true blessing. May our relationship be blessed with many more years of growth and blessings! Happy 2nd Anniversary Mungai Eve,” he posted.

Despite the noble love, Trevor might be a baby daddy who is neglecting his kid.;

I hope my boyfriend's ex can forgive me," Mungai Eve confesses

Trevor A Deadbeat?

A recent post saw Trevor being accused of not taking care of his child. One of their fans commented to state that Trevor had impregnated their sister but is now eschewing responsibility. The fan wrote;

”Please tell your man to be responsible for the kid he sired with my siz

Mungai replied;

”Please tell your sis to tell him. How am I involved? Nonesense you wish.”

The accusations come after Mungai was rumoured to be pregnant for trevor


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