#MurayasAt7: Science shows us why we should have expected the marital breakdown for DJ Mo and Size 8

Image: Size 8 and DJ Mo

The seven-year itch is probably a phenomenon DJ Mo and Size 8 have heard of. It is a term coined to explain why for a majority of marriages when the couple starts to run-up to the seven-year mark, all things seem to go to hell.

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I had a very interesting chat with a mentor of mine who used to be a blogger I looked up to and he had some interesting insights in the matter. You see, according to him, the first thing we need to understand is that the emotion we know as love is a simple reaction that takes place in the brain to facilitate breeding. It starts off strong and then eventually disappears. That is why when poets talk about emerging from that emotion, they say the fog of love has cleared.

Size 8 and DJ Mo
Size 8 and DJ Mo 7th wedding anniversary

Granted, if we are discussing evolutionary biology to better understand the case of DJ Mo and Size 8, then we would be remiss to not mention that certain species of animals (mammals and birds) do indeed mate for life, but they would be the exception rather than the norm and this is no how humanity evolved. The formerly discussed chemical reaction called love only lasts long enough for mating to occur, then for the children to progress beyond infancy and into toddlerhood. At this point, between the ages of 3 and 4, then the coupling animals move on.

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This case is supported by studies into our behaviour that has found that “humans retain traces of this natural reproductive pattern. In more contemporary hunter-gatherer societies, women tend to bear their children about four years apart. Moreover, in these societies, after a child is weaned at around age four, the child often joins a playgroup and is cared for by older siblings and relatives. This care structure allows unhappy couples to break up and find a more suitable partner with whom to have more young.” –scientificamerican.com

Size 8 and DJ Mo
DJ Mo and Size 8’s shaky marriage

So Size 8 and DJ Mo entered their union oblivious of the fact that they would be facing an issue at around the 4 year mark aswell as the seven year mark of their marriage as according to Wikipedia,

The idea of a seven-year itch puts a specific time on the generally observed phenomenon that data sets of married people show a rising, then a falling, risk of divorce over time. However, statistical results from these data sets are very sensitive to the statistical methods used, and such patterns may just reflect the method, rather than any underlying reality.

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In samples taken from the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, there proves to be an average median duration of marriage across time. In 1922 the median duration of marriage that ended in divorce was 6.6 years. In 1974 the median duration was 7.5 years. In 1990 the median duration was 7.2 years. While these can fluctuate from year to year, the averages stay relatively close to the seven year mark. Research from 2012 found that American divorce rates peaked after about ten to 12 years.

Size 8
Gospel singer, Size 8

Studies from China of marriages between 1980 and 2010 found that divorce rates peaked anywhere from 5 years to 10 years after marriage, with more recent marriages (post-2000) being more likely to divorce after shorter periods of time.

Unless Size 8 and DJ Mo address these two issues, infidelity will become a part of their marriage

So we have to accept the fact that like with every other married couple in Kenya, Size 8 and her man DJ Mo entered into their union blind. Also, there is the question of sexual partners they had prior to their marriage. According to studies, the more men a woman has been with sexually, the lower their marital satisfaction and higher the divorce rates.

These two factors alone should have been accounted for. Especially if the partners weren’t virgins. But what do I know about marriage?


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