Murder suspect Maxine Wahome released on 2 million Ksh bond

The High Court has ordered rally driver Maxine Wahome to be released on a bond of KES 2 million and a surety of the same amount. Lady Justice Lilian Mutende directed Wahome who stands accused of the murder of her boyfriend Asad Khan not to interfere with witnesses who have already recorded their statements. The decision comes after weeks of court proceedings and marks a significant development in the case.

Maxine Wahome is a scary revelation of just how misandrist Kenya is

The Safari Rally driver had on March 15th 2023, pleaded not guilty to the charge of killing her late boyfriend Asad Khan in a virtual court session, instead arguing that the late Khan had injured himself while attacking her.

She claims that on the day the incident happened, Khan aggressively woke her up in the morning and ordered her to leave his house. According to Maxine Wahome, it is during that process that she was allegedly attacked.

Kenyans reactions to Maxine Wahome and Asad Khan’s GBV case proves we are quick to point fingers

She says that she hid on the apartment’s balcony and that’s when Khan tried to break the glass door using his feet.

“That the deceased thereafter injured himself on the balcony door window panes and took himself to the hospital… That I was advised by my parents not to leave by the house and wait for the police,”

Maxine has asked that the court release her on bail, saying that she is not a flight risk and she will not do any witness interference. Her lawyer, Philip Murgor had said his client had been in custody since March 7, and that a charge sheet was filed and not provided to the accused person.

“She is languishing in the police station,” he said, “and there is a bail application before the court.”

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