Murkomen vows to take action after viral video of partygoers in Mercedes breaching the law on Mombasa Road

Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen pledged on Monday to take decisive action regarding a motor vehicle filmed along Mombasa Road with two individuals hanging precariously.

The undated footage, now viral, sparked varied reactions across social media platforms.

The Transport CS reposted the clip on his official X account, admonishing the car owner for such reckless driving.

He questioned the audacity of the car owner to flout traffic regulations on the bustling Mombasa Road, speculating whether the stunt was intended to provoke him as the Roads Minister.

“Mr. James Gathogo Njeri, this is how your white Mercedes Benz KCX 959B class E-250 was being driven on Mombasa Road during one of those ‘where is the Minister’ moments. We are troubled, and a concerned citizen has alerted us. We will take necessary action,” Murkomen wrote on X.

“We are concerned, and a responsible citizen has alerted us. We will take necessary action.”

In the clip, two individuals can be seen hanging from the back seat windows, seemingly enjoying themselves as the vehicle speeds along the busy road.

This incident follows shortly after Murkomen announced plans for a comprehensive crackdown on individuals disregarding traffic laws.

He outlined new measures aimed at reducing the rising number of road accidents in the country.

The measures come in response to a surge in road crashes, with school children accounting for a portion of the fatalities.

Addressing the media last week, Murkomen instructed the police and National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to intensify night patrols and random checks on major highways, particularly at black spots.

He attributed the spike in road accidents to reckless behavior, such as parking vehicles on highways, speeding, and failure to install speed limiters.

Recent data from NTSA indicates that over the past three months, at least 1,213 people have lost their lives on the roads.

Pedestrians accounted for the highest number of fatalities at 445, followed by motorcyclists at 285 and passengers at 259.

During the period between January 1 and April 3, motorcycle pillion passengers ranked fourth at 103, followed by drivers (99), and pedal cyclists (24).

These fatalities represent a 5.8% increase from 1,146 during the same period last year.

Last year alone, over 4,300 people lost their lives in road accidents, while the remainder, from the 22,885 involved in accidents, sustained life-altering injuries.

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