Music Producer Motif Di Don Shares The Potential Arbantone Music

Producer Motif Di Don is a strong believer in the future of Arbantone, a new music genre gaining traction in Kenya. In a recent interview with SPM Buzz, he shared his thoughts on why Arbantone artists have the potential to become very successful.

A Genre on the Rise

Motif Di Don sees Arbantone as a unique sound that’s resonating with audiences.

“It’s a new genre that has won the hearts of many,” he said, highlighting its popularity on YouTube. He believes this genre’s rise shouldn’t be ignored.

In Motif’s view, Arbantone’s novelty holds the key to financial success for its artists. “This is something more unusual than the rest,” he explained, suggesting it has the potential to generate millions.

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Defense Against the Critics

Motif Di Don addressed the criticism Arbantone artists have faced for using pre-made beats. He argues that these artists deserve recognition for their ability to create hit songs despite their initial struggles.

“The fact that they can be able to make a hit song is something that should be acknowledged and not criticized,” he stated.

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Motif’s Motivation

Motif Di Don’s decision to support Arbantone artists stems from his desire to foster innovation in the Kenyan music scene. “He wanted to try and do something that has never been done in the country,” the article reveals.

While he initially provided online beats, Motif Di Don clarifies that Arbantone artists have transitioned to using original beats since January. “[The online beats] were to send a message and help them pick,” he explained.

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