Mustafa calls for ceasefire as Prezzo threatens to settle their beef with a gun

Colonel Mustafa has chicken out of earlier plan to get physical with Prezzo after the bad boy rapper opted to take a gun to their fight.

Mustafa and Prezzo have been embroiled in a fierce tussle because of Michelle Yola. Prezzo caught a major one when Yola dumped him and started hanging out with Mustafa.

Prezzo warned Mustafa to stay away from Yola but the thirsty rapper instead played down the warning and insisted that he would take good care of Prezzo’s ex.

Mustafa has since been unnerved by Prezzo’s threat to use deadly firearm to settle their beef. Prezzo has history of gun drama, he has brandished his firearm in public a number of times when he was provoked.

In an interview with Ghafla! Mustafa insisted there was no need to fight with Prezzo and instead urged his nemesis to go back to Nairobi Diaries so that they could settle their beef amicably.

Watch the interview below:

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